Common Questions about Converting Oil Furnace to Gas in Portland

converting oil furnace to gas portlandAre you contemplating converting an oil furnace to gas furnace in Portland? For some homes, making this conversion can have a tremendous effect on heating efficiency. If you’re thinking about it, you probably have several questions about how this can benefit your residence.

What Will It Cost?

The conversion cost differs depending on several variables, including the HVAC age, whether a chimney liner is required, and if you need a new gas line. A technician will need to examine the system before he/she can provide an accurate quote in writing.

How Much Can I Save?

Homeowners always ask how much money a gas furnace conversion will save them, but there’s no uniform answer. The cost-saving benefits vary due to the constant fluctuation of oil and natural gas prices. In some scenarios, you can net savings as high as 50% of what you’re paying currently. Furthermore, you’ll save on maintenance expenses, oil filter changes, and chimney sweeping.

Which Is More Convenient?

At the end of the day, only you can decide what’s optimal for your household. It should be noted, though, that a modern gas furnace does make fuel delivery more efficient. With older oil furnaces, the oil usually needs to be delivered to your household and connected to a tank that’s connected to your pipeline. This makes oil furnaces pricier to maintain.

Interested in Converting an Oil Furnace to Gas Furnace in Portland?

The crew at Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. routinely assists Portland homeowners with converting an oil furnace to gas furnace. We also provide related services, from tankless water heater maintenance to ductless heat pump installations. Contact us today to determine what’s best for your household heating needs.

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Gas Furnace Conversion Benefits Near Beaverton

gas furnace conversion beavertonAre you contemplating transitioning from an old oil or electric heating unit near Beaverton? There are numerous gas furnace conversion benefits that make the conversion worthwhile. While an HVAC technician can go over the process with you, keeping these advantages in mind may help you realize the bigger picture and long-term perks.

Improved Efficiency

It’s essential that your home has an efficient method of keeping the interior under optimal temperatures year-round. This is why many property owners ultimately go for a gas furnace conversion. Furnaces that use natural gas or propane as their main energy source produce fewer emissions.

Smaller Monthly Payments

Whereas you have probably been paying upfront for oil tank refills, you can expect to pay a monthly rate based on usage volume. In most instances, the cost ends up being less than the cost to refill an oil tank. This can end up being a money saver for both residential and commercial establishments.

Increased Home Value

Another reason for converting to gas is the effect on your home’s overall value. Having a contemporary propane or gas heating unit will increase the residence’s value. In turn, this will get the attention of more prospective buyers, not to mention it could sway negotiations in your favor.

Interested in Gas Furnace Conversion Benefits Near Beaverton?

Is your mind set on making this transition? The gas conversion benefits near Beaverton outweigh the initial cost of installation. If you’re ready to make this investment, contact the crew at Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for a consultation. We’re the go-to team for all things related to heating and AC maintenance, installations, and repairs. A conversion to a gas furnace is a great way to begin 2023 in a positive direction!

Gas Furnace Conversion Benefits For Beaverton Residents

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Reasons to Consider Heat Pump Repair in Portland

heat pump installation greshamWith winter in full swing, now is the time to consider heat pump repair for your Portland residence. Learn why this is necessary and how this can go a long way in providing adequate heating as the temperature gets increasingly colder.

Evenly Distribute Heat

Do you notice some rooms are warmer than others? If you notice uneven heating, then it’s time for a heat pump repair or replacement. A working heat pump ensures each room receives equal levels of heat distribution. 

Keep Your Bills Down

A faulty heat pump forces the heater to work harder, in turn causing your energy bill to gradually increase. This will especially be noticeable if you see your bill go up despite no change in HVAC settings. A damaged heat pump may continuously short-cycle. That is, it frequently shuts on and off. The constant powering up and powering down consumes energy and places undue stress on the system.

Produces Fewer Carbon Emissions

A huge benefit of heat pumps is that they emit only a small amount of carbon emissions. However, if the unit is damaged, it may produce more emissions than normal. This is bad for the environment, so getting the pump fixed is a sustainable solution.

Need Heat Pump Repair in Portland?

Is your heater running erratically? It may be time to contact the pros at Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Our team has the expertise and tools of the trade to perform all HVAC-related services, from gas furnace conversions to tankless water heater installations. This is not the time of year to be going without an adequately functioning heater. 

Expert Heat Pump Repair in Portland

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Signs You Need Heat Pump Replacement Near Hillsboro

heat pump replacement hillsboroAfter a hot summer, fall is finally here. This is the time of year when most homeowners begin ramping up furnace use to keep their home interior cozy. Some residences near Hillsboro have a traditional furnace with a heat pump, while more modern homes have a system with a ductless heat pump. Regardless, it’s important to recognize the signs that you need a heat pump replacement.

Air That Isn’t Hot or Cold

Whether you’re heating or cooling the interior, there needs to be good airflow for optimal HVAC performance. If you notice the air is just at room temperature, then you may have a faulty heat pump.

Diminished Air Flow

Similarly, you may feel little airflow altogether. This may warrant a heat pump replacement. However, it’s also possible the system only needs a filter replacement. An HVAC technician will determine the precise remedy.

Strange Noises or Smells

Heating and AC systems should not be emitting any odors. If you smell anything out of the ordinary coming from the HVAC, then the system requires a professional assessment right away. The same goes if you hear odd noises, such as a grinding or clanking sound.

Need Heat Pump Replacement in Hillsboro?

If any of the aforementioned signs have become more than apparent, then you need to enlist the help of a professional. Contact Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. if you suspect you may need heat pump replacement. We perform both residential and commercial services in and around Hillsboro. We have the skills, tools of the trade, and industry expertise to perform AC and furnace-related work, whether that be repairs or installations of new systems.

Heat Pump Replacement Experts Near Hillsboro

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When Is the Best Time to Schedule HVAC Maintenance Near Gresham?

When should you schedule HVAC maintenance for your home or business near Gresham? The system may not be performing optimally, or it’s simply long overdue for routine maintenance. Here is professional advice to keep in mind as you commit to greater care for your HVAC unit.

Aim for Spring/Fall Appointments

You can make an appointment for HVAC maintenance at any time of the year. However, spring and fall are good times due to more appointment times available. HVAC maintenance peaks during summer and winter, when AC and furnace use are at their greatest, respectively. You can definitely schedule an appointment during these times, but you may be put on a wait list or have to settle for less desirable times.

Enroll in a Maintenance Program

Ductless Heat Pump Experts | Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning

Many companies provide HVAC maintenance programs. By becoming regular customers, the company will send you courtesy reminders letting you know your heating and AC unit is due for a routine inspection. This way, you won’t forget about holding off important maintenance.

Never Put off Emergency Service

Unexpected breakdowns are less likely to happen if you schedule routine care. However, even with diligent maintenance, troubles may still arise occasionally. This is more likely to happen in commercial HVAC units where the system tends to run all day during business hours. In this scenario, schedule HVAC repair right away regardless of the time of year or when you had your last appointment.

Need to Schedule HVAC Maintenance Near Gresham?

The times discussed above are good moments to schedule HVAC maintenance. However, the team at Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is available to assist you year-round. Whether you need routine care or emergency services, we stand ready to evaluate and restore your HVAC unit to its optimal operating condition. 

Schedule HVAC Maintenance with the Experts Serving Gresham Today

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Is It Time for Air Conditioner Replacement Near Multnomah?

air conditioner replacement MultnomahIs your AC unit due for a replacement? It’s quite possible that your home requires an air conditioner replacement, though it could also just require a small repair. Only a heating and AC technician can make that determination upon an in-person inspection. Here are some of the signs that your AC may be close to failing and may need to be replaced altogether. 

Higher Energy Bills

Have you noticed your energy bill has been gradually increasing despite no major changes in your HVAC use? This is not unusual as your HVAC ages and becomes more outdated. It’s also possible that your HVAC is either too large or small relative to the size of your home. An overly large HVAC unit may excessively cycle on and off, while a smaller unit runs almost non-stop without fully cooling the interior. An incorrectly sized HVAC is especially common in commercial buildings and offices.

Poor Air Quality

Your home may also suffer from poor air quality. You may notice excessive humidity, especially in the summer. Increased humidity and airborne allergens are signs that your AC may not be operating at its peak.

Weak Airflow

Is the AC producing a lack of airflow? There may be a blockage that’s impeding air from freely cycling through the HVAC unit. A technician will need to inspect the ducts and vents for physical obstructions. If the blockage can be removed, then an AC replacement shouldn’t be necessary.

Need Air Conditioner Replacement Near Multnomah?

If any of the aforementioned symptoms are apparent, then it’s time to contact the pros at Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning for an inspection of your system. Our team has the skills and tools of the trade to assess your system and determine whether you need a repair or an air conditioner replacement. If the latter, we can replace your AC and furnace with an energy-efficient modern HVAC system.

Air Conditioner Replacement for Multnomah Residents

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Preparing for HVAC Services Near Beaverton

HVAC services BeavertonDo you need HVAC services? The first step is to make an appointment with a heating and AC company near Beaverton. Once a schedule is set, take some time to prep for the upcoming visit. Here are some preparation tips to keep in mind that will make the process easier for everyone involved.

Establish a Budget

First, determine your budget for the service you think you may need. If you need to install a tankless water heater, for example, then research the average cost of installation in your local area. This will help you establish a price point. Just keep in mind that a final price will not be established until an HVAC contractor inspects your current HVAC system.

Have Documentation Ready

Make a habit of keeping receipts and invoices from all HVAC maintenance and repairs. Having documentation on hand can be useful information for the contractor. If you’re working with a new company, then it won’t have a record of prior servicing, hence why it’s important to keep records.

Clean the Areas Around Your Heating and Cooling Units 

Clear items around your HVAC unit. Remove all items in the vicinity that may get in the way, such as furniture and plants. This makes the contractor’s job easier as he/she doesn’t have to navigate around these items. Clear the area within a two-meter radius if possible. This goes for all servicing types, including furnace maintenance.

Need Professional HVAC Services Near Beaverton?

Now that you know how to prepare, take the next big step by contacting Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to arrange for a contractor visit. Our crew has years of experience servicing all HVAC types, from old-model ACs to modern ductless heating systems.

Professional HVAC Services Near Beaverton

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Ask These Questions Before Securing Professional HVAC Services in Hillsboro

professional HVAC services HillsboroIs your HVAC behaving oddly? If you suspect a problem, then you need professional HVAC services near Hillsboro, Oregon. However, you need to do some careful vetting when picking out a company. Here are some good questions to ask when consulting an HVAC company. These questions will help you narrow the choices and identify the most qualified contractors for the job.

What’s Your Level of Experience?

A newly formed company or new contractor may charge a lower fee. However, companies still in their startup phase may not have the experience to perform the job to the best standards. It might be worth paying a little more for a company that has a few years of experience under its belt. The level of experience is especially important when hiring commercial services.

What Will the Work Cost?

Always ask how much the HVAC service will cost. Get the estimate in writing. This should include an outline of cost by labor, parts, and other surplus fees. This way, you aren’t surprised if the final fees are drastically off from the initial quote.

Is the Work Covered By Insurance?

If a contractor were to be injured while working on your property, you could be deemed liable. This is why it’s imperative to confirm the company carries insurance. While unlikely, injuries can occur while a contractor is working on a homeowner’s or business owner’s property.

Need Professional HVAC Services Near Hillsboro?

Do you need to set up an appointment for professional HVAC services near Hillsboro? It’s time to get in contact with Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning for furnace and AC maintenance. Our services are diverse and also include the installation and repairs of tankless water heaters. HVAC issues require an assessment from an industry professional.

Professional HVAC Services for Hillsboro Homes & Businesses

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Finding Affordable Professional HVAC Services in Gresham

affordable HVAC services, HVAC servicesAre you in need of affordable HVAC services in or around Gresham? Perhaps you need to convert a gas furnace or install a new ductless heat pump. Whatever the case, it’s important to find a company that can perform the service at a price that’s aligned with your budget. Here are some tips to help you find the right HVAC service you need without breaking the bank.

Research Average Costs

Look up the average rates in your local region. Costs can vary even between neighboring towns. Call about three or four HVAC companies in your city to get an estimate for the services you need. You may be surprised at how a tankless water heater installation, for example, can differ drastically in price.

Schedule Consultations

Consider making an appointment with multiple HVAC companies. This provides you the opportunity to make inquiries about provided services, rates, and warranty information. You can also ask questions about the specific service you need, whether that be AC repair or air handler installation. Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Best AC Installer for Your Tigard Home or Business

ac installer tigardInvesting in air conditioning is a great way to ensure your year-round comfort. No matter what kind of system you choose, though, you want it reliably installed. After all, you need it to work well, and you need it to last. If you’re hiring an AC installer for your project, these are the qualities to look for.


A company with a wide range of experience will have the background and skills necessary to address your air conditioning needs, whether you’re hiring for a new construction or a replacement system. They’ll have the familiarity with common and uncommon problems to make sure you get the best system for your needs and your building. 

Quality Products 

HVAC contractors that use leading manufacturers’ systems may offer you greater reliability. Some HVAC contractors are specialists in the systems made by companies such as Trane and Mitsubishi. Your HVAC technician may have even completed manufacturer-led training on new systems and upgrades, so they’re even more knowledgeable.


When a company is highly recommended through word of mouth, online customer reviews and ratings, you can count on their reputation as a sign of excellence. Ask about earned credentials, too, such as professional certifications. These are a sign of how committed your HVAC contractor is to service and integrity.

Locally Owned AC Installer Keeping You Comfortable in Tigard

Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning has a team of professional, licensed, insured and bonded HVAC professionals ready to keep your home or business comfortable. From tankless water heaters to commercial services, our HVAC services include installation, maintenance, repair and upgrades. Our team is dedicated to providing you with prompt and reliable service as well as the latest options in HVAC systems to safeguard your home’s air quality. When you need an AC installer you can trust, contact us for an appointment.

Highly Qualified AC Installer Serving Tigard 

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