Signs You Need Services for HVAC in Portland

HVAC repair is needed portlandWith winter here, cold weather is at its peak. You don’t want to be in Portland without a working HVAC unit. This is the perfect time for HVAC service in Portland. Learn to be cognizant of the symptoms that point to irregularities with your heating and AC unit.

Warm Air Blowing

A surefire way of knowing something is off is when the wrong temperature is emanating from the system. If you’re using the heater, and the air feels slightly cool or vice versa with the AC, then something is off and warrants servicing right away.

Poor Airflow

Likewise, bad airflow can be a sign that HVAC servicing is recommended. This may point to a blockage somewhere in the ductwork. This is particularly common with commercial HVAC systems, which have more complex air ducts and pathways.

Foul Odors

Stinky odors aren’t normal. If your nose senses oddball smells, then an inspection is warranted. Weird smells may include musty and “wet” odors. This may indicate the presence of mold or mildew buildup inside the system.

Leaking Water

Some condensation is normal and nothing to lose sleep over. However, the unit shouldn’t be leaking so much water that a puddle is forming. Call an HVAC service right away if there are clear signs of water leakage near the unit.

Get HVAC Service in Portland This Winter

When you require services for your HVAC in Portland, contact Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. We perform maintenance, installation and repairs for a wide spectrum of HVAC models, including tankless water heaters. With the cold winter here, this is the right time for HVAC care.

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