Summer HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Portland Residents

HVAC maintenance PortlandWith the summer heat, now is the time when most homeowners ramp up their AC use. However, if your HVAC is operating at less than 100% capacity, then it’s time to schedule HVAC maintenance with a professional technician. This is especially important if you reside in an area known for hot summers and high humidity. Here is a checklist of tasks to have the technician perform during the HVAC tune-up. This ensures the system works optimally over the summer and following seasons.

Change Air Filter

Air filters are made to trap dirt and dust so these particulates don’t circulate in the air where they can hamper indoor air quality. A worn filter cannot as effectively trap contaminants. Filters should be replaced once a month.

Check AC Vents

Blocked heating and AC vents can inhibit airflow and subsequently keep the interior from receiving adequate cooling. Be sure that vents are unobstructed and free of blockages from furniture and other objects.

Address Abnormalities

Contact an HVAC technician if you notice anything out of the ordinary, regardless of what season it is. This may include factors like abnormal sounds, fluctuating temperatures, and foul odors. These symptoms are signs of something in the internal system not functioning normally.

Need HVAC Maintenance in Portland?

The above checklist ensures your HVAC remains in peak operating condition during the hottest time of the year. For summertime HVAC maintenance, contact the team at Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to set up an appointment. We routinely provide HVAC repair and installation services for residents and commercial establishments all over the Portland area. This includes maintenance and replacement of parts like the heat pump, air handlers, and much more. 

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