3 Great Reasons to Install a New Variable Air Handler in Portland

Variable Air Handler portlandIf your home’s air handler is increasing in age, then it may be time to contemplate a replacement. The modern variable air handler is far more efficient with new and better technology. Replacing this part has many advantages for homeowners. In fact, many people install a new air handler as part of an HVAC overhaul that also includes other improvements, such as the transition to tankless water heaters. Here is what you should know pertaining to this new HVAC technology.

Better Energy Efficiency

You might think that an always-on air handler will expend a lot of energy. However, modern air handlers utilize far less energy to operate. This is because they have the ability to adjust energy output in response to indoor temperature changes.

Greater Comfort

A variable unit provides you with more selections other than the “on” and “off” modes of your old unit. Adjustments are in smaller increments, so you can find a good temperature setting for your furnace- or heat pump-warmed residence. 

Enhanced Air Quality 

Since the variable models are always on, they keep air circulating throughout the day. As air shuttles through your HVAC unit, impurities are more efficiently filtered out. This applies whether you have a traditional gas furnace or a ductless heat pump.

Interested in a Variable Air Handler for Your Home in Portland?

Advanced Heating and Air Conditioning is a locally owned HVAC service provider, performing repairs, maintenance, and installation. Our team is staffed by professionals with years of experience in the industry. We have optimized HVAC functions for countless residences all over Portland, whether that be through installing a new variable air handler or making essential repair work for an aging unit.

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