Signs HVAC Repair is Needed in Portland

HVAC repair is needed portlandWith fall here, cold weather is quickly approaching. You don’t want to be in Portland without a functioning HVAC system. Fall is the ideal time to schedule HVAC repair, especially considering that HVAC services peak during summer and winter. Here are the common signs that indicate a problem with your heating and AC unit.

Warm Air Blowing

One of the quickest ways to know something isn’t right with the unit is when the wrong air temperature is coming out of the system. If you’re using the heater, and the air feels mildly cool or vice versa with the AC, then it’s time to contact an HVAC company.

Poor Airflow

Similarly, low airflow can be a symptom that HVAC repair is in order. This is a sign of a blockage somewhere in the ducts. This is especially common with commercial HVAC systems, which have more complex ductwork systems.

Foul Odors

Abnormal odors are never normal. If your nose picks up anything out of the ordinary coming from the system, such as a musty smell, then a professional assessment is required right away.

Leaking Water

Some condensation is normal and to be expected. However, the unit should never be leaking enough water to form a puddle. Contact an HVAC company ASAP if there are visible signs of leaking around or near the system.

Do You Need HVAC Repair in Portland?

When you need HVAC repair for your Portland residence or business, contact Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. We perform installation and repairs for various HVAC systems, including tankless water heaters. With the cold autumn here, now is the time to schedule repairs or maintenance.

When HVAC Repair is Needed in Portland, Call the Experts 

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