Signs You Need Heat Pump Replacement Near Hillsboro

heat pump replacement hillsboroAfter a hot summer, fall is finally here. This is the time of year when most homeowners begin ramping up furnace use to keep their home interior cozy. Some residences near Hillsboro have a traditional furnace with a heat pump, while more modern homes have a system with a ductless heat pump. Regardless, it’s important to recognize the signs that you need a heat pump replacement.

Air That Isn’t Hot or Cold

Whether you’re heating or cooling the interior, there needs to be good airflow for optimal HVAC performance. If you notice the air is just at room temperature, then you may have a faulty heat pump.

Diminished Air Flow

Similarly, you may feel little airflow altogether. This may warrant a heat pump replacement. However, it’s also possible the system only needs a filter replacement. An HVAC technician will determine the precise remedy.

Strange Noises or Smells

Heating and AC systems should not be emitting any odors. If you smell anything out of the ordinary coming from the HVAC, then the system requires a professional assessment right away. The same goes if you hear odd noises, such as a grinding or clanking sound.

Need Heat Pump Replacement in Hillsboro?

If any of the aforementioned signs have become more than apparent, then you need to enlist the help of a professional. Contact Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. if you suspect you may need heat pump replacement. We perform both residential and commercial services in and around Hillsboro. We have the skills, tools of the trade, and industry expertise to perform AC and furnace-related work, whether that be repairs or installations of new systems.

Heat Pump Replacement Experts Near Hillsboro

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