Advantages of Installing an Air Scrubber in Your Portland Home

air scrubber portlandUsing an air scrubber can provide you with an advanced level of cleanliness and air quality, especially during the winter months when your windows will be closed all season long. This high-tech device delivers enhanced purification of the air and hard surfaces in your home. Learn more about the important benefits to decide if hiring a professional HVAC team to install it is right for you.

Easy Set-Up for Forced-Air Systems

An air scrubber typically fits your existing forced-air system and air-handler. It’s a relatively quick installation process for a skilled HVAC technician, and it can address the air purification needs of your entire home. 

More Than Just Filtering

Traditional home HVAC systems filter the air in your house to remove particulates. The advanced light and filtering technology of a scrubber reduces even smaller contaminants like dust mites, mold and viruses, too, for added relief from allergies and asthma. 

Your Whole-House Decontaminating Solution

This kind of purification device is highly effective at more than just clearing the air. It also cleans hard surfaces in your home like tabletops and doorknobs. You’ll also experience fewer odors from pets, cooking and smoke in your home.

Are You Considering an Air Scrubber in Portland?

Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning is your full-service, locally owned and operated HVAC team. Our residential and commercial customers enjoy attentive service dedicated to the total comfort of those who live or work in and visit your home or business. We even install and maintain tankless water heaters! We invite you to contact us today to explore the ways in which an air scrubber can provide you with greater indoor air quality and wellness. 

Professional Installation of Your Home Air Scrubber in Portland

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