3 Great Reasons to Install a New Variable Air Handler in Portland

Variable Air Handler portlandIf your home’s air handler is getting on in years, you might be thinking about a replacement. Today’s variable air handler utilizes advanced technology. It’s a great option for you to consider, with multiple benefits for homeowners, much like other HVAC modernizations like tankless water heaters. Here’s what you need to know about this new technology.

Better Energy Efficiency

You might think that an always-on air handler will require more electricity to run. But, because they’re more responsive to warming and cooling temperature changes, they actually require less energy to achieve and maintain the comfort level you select, saving you money. 

Greater Comfort

A variable unit offers you greater options besides the “on” and “off” modes of your old unit. Adjustments are more gradual so you can find the ideal climate for your furnace- or heat pump-warmed home. 

Improved Air Quality 

Because these variable models are always on, they keep air moving throughout the day and night. As air moves through the filters in your HVAC system–whether you have a gas furnace or a ductless heat pump–impurities are removed more effectively. 

Interested in a Variable Air Handler for Your Home in Portland?

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