Considerations before Gas Furnace Conversion in Gresham

Gas furnace conversion greshamGas furnace conversion may be a great solution for your home in Gresham. Switching your heating and cooling systems can have a positive impact on efficiency and cost-savings. 

Initial and Long-Term Costs

When considering conversion, you’ll obviously be concerned about the cost. This aspect can be broken into two categories: Initial cost and long-term cost. The initial installation for a gas furnace is a lot less expensive than that of an oil or propane furnace. This trend follows for operating costs over time as well, as natural gas furnaces cost less to keep running than oil and propane options.

System Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is another factor that warrants your attention when considering gas furnace conversion. Some options are far superior to others in this regard. While an oil or propane furnace can last between 16 and 20 years, a gas furnace is likely to remain functional for up to 25 years. 

Maintenance Needs

It’s important to realize that every type of furnace will require some type of maintenance over time, some more than others. While gas furnace conversion can save you money overall, it’s likely to need more routine service than an oil furnace. 

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